Distance Family Constellations

Currently, our work is mainly focused on developing constelltions family remote work, that is, the patient does not have to be present in the constellation as a standard therapy, not even in the same country. Currently work regularly with people from countries as diverse as Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico and the rest of Latin America, as well as in several cities in Spain. Thanks to its effectiveness the list is growing.

The advantage of this method is that the energy flow very quickly and well because the barriers or impediments observer puts the mind of the family constellation process does not exist, ie, the patient feels alone.

Constelaciones Azucena 2-13 003

The process is the same as individual therapy, we have an interview with the person and exposes us what the problem is concerned, after analyzing the causes and roots of the same, we have an initial anamnesis taking a few data required to perform the work, such as family background, siblings, traumatic events (deaths younger, accidents, member participation in war, suicide, diseases, abortions, etc..). After a time to assimilate perspective and see the problem, we analyze what is the line of work with that person.

The interesting thing about this technique is that sometimes distance in a family constellation are other problems that face workshops are not treated due to lack of information many times and yet here if we can spend some extra time to heal all that is important and We appear during therapy. Thus, sometimes we do not a constellation but the total work develops another.

The method for contacting the patient is usually by telephone, email, video-conferencing, or another tecnology, that allows us to bring the therapy, likewise, after therapeutic work, we have regular contact with the person to keep track of the process and that all is done properly.

Constelaciones Maria Jesus 08-11 mandibula 002

This remote therapy either online or by telephone has some important advantages over the usual Psychotherapy in person:

1. Time savings for the customer.

2. There is no geographical limitation for the sessions.

3.  Immediate attention in the event of a crisis.

Anonymity is a powerful tool because it does not go mental process that may hinder the development of therapy and so the energy flow more adequately.

All this makes it create a “climate” optimal for external results of the process are much faster and apparent to the patient. Keeping track of what is going on with him, for therapeutic counseling whose sole intention is to enable the protagonist is you.

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